Von Miller Throws EPIC Yacht Party With TONS Of HOT Women In Thongs (PICS)

Image via TMZSports.com

It’s the NFL offseason, which means players are free to go their own ways and do their own things. So decide to spend the time with the family and kids, while others go out and get married.

And then there’s Von Miller, who appears to be doing his offseason right.

The Denver Broncos pass rusher recently took to Miami to party it up on a yacht with dozens of gorgeous ladies in skimpy swimsuits. And, of course, there was a TMZ photog nearby.

In the photos you can see Miller and his crew just chilling by their boat outside the Epic Hotel on St. Patty’s Day. The former Super Bowl MVP was also spotted wearing a shirt that read, “Drugs are my life” — which may seem like a poor message to promote…until you realize it says “Channing University School of Pharmacy” in smaller text below.

Here are a few of the photos. To see more of Miller’s yacht party, check out TMZ here.

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