Michael Vick Getting Real Offers to Race People Outside Clubs After This TV Cameo (VIDEO)

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Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick may have found himself a new gig after making a cameo on a television show. And it’s not acting.

Vick, whose time with the Falcons ended in 2008 after he was convicted of running a dog fighting ring, played himself in last week’s episode of the FX dramedy Atlanta, which stars Donald Glover.

In the episode, Glover’s character Earn happens upon an excited crowd outside a strip club. He soon learns that Michael Vick has been racing people for money, and that he’s beaten six people in the last 10 minutes. Figuring his odds are better with Vick exhausted, Earn decides to give it a try himself and, naturally, he gets smoked.

Take a look:

Now, in a new interview with Bleacher Report, Michael Vick says he has been getting real offers to race people outside nightclubs since the episode aired:

“After seeing that, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to come out and race guys outside of the club. Whether it’s a strip club or a regular club, I might make that my side hustle, man. Maybe two weekends out of the month, I’ll go ahead and make me some money.”

I don’t know how much money Vick could make if he actually did this. But he could definitely turn a profit.

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