Kansas Jayhawks Now Have Their Own Good Luck Nun (VIDEO)

The Loyola Ramblers have started a trend. Apparently everybody wants a good luck nun now.

Loyola, of course, has Sister Jean, their 98-year-old team chaplain who has become an international media sensation during the Rambler’s Cinderella run to the Final Four.

This week the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons both asked if they could borrow Sister Jean so some of her good luck can rub off on them.


However, rather than ask the Ramblers to borrow Sister Jean, Kansas Jayhawks fans just went out and got their very own nun.

Meet Sister Jayhawk:


Sister Jayhawk showed up amidst the throngs of Jayhawks fans who poured into the streets of Lawrence on Sunday to celebrate KU’s overtime victory over Duke in the Elight Eight. In fact, at one point Sister Jayhawk parted the crowd like it was the Red Sea and led everyone in a celebratory dance circle:


Of course, as you may have guessed, Sister Jayhawk is not a real nun. She’s just a die-hard Jayhawks fan named Laura Sellers who thought her team could use a little spiritual support.

“Everyone needs a nun,” Sellers, 54, explained to the Kansas City Star. “It worked tonight. We’re going to keep doing it until we lose.”

If both Loyola and Kansas should win next Saturday, will the Jayhawks fly Sellers to San Antonio for next Monday’s National Championship Game just to be on the safe side? Stay tuned.

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