Lacrosse Ref Offers HILARIOUS Reason For Penalizing These Two Players (VIDEO)

Lacrosse Ref

Lacrosse can be a rough sport at times.  Because of the physical nature of the sport, opponents are expected to get under each other’s skin quite often throughout the course of the game. Despite all of that, this referee from the National Lacrosse League wasn’t having any of the shenanigans from opposing players during a recent game between the Vancouver Stealth and Colorado Mammoth.

After he had seen too much, referee Todd Lebranche sent Vancouver’s Chris O’Dougherty and Colorado’s Zack Greer to the penalty box with the following explanation for the crowd:

“These two were clearly having issues with each other, could not restrain themselves, so we’re going to give them two minutes to think about what they’ve done.”

Both Greer and O’Dougherty would officially receive “checking from behind” penalties, but I think I like Lebrache’s explanation a lot more:

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