This Picture of a JACKED Elijah Holyfield Was Actually Photoshopped (PICS)

Elijah Holyfield photoshop

Well, well, well.

Remember that photo of an insanely jacked Elijah Holyfield we showed you on Saturday?  The one of the Georgia Bulldogs running back carrying the ball at a recent spring practice with his ridiculously large arms? Well, it turns out that the photo was actually photoshopped to make Holyfield’s arms look even bigger than they actually are.

Here’s the explanation, via the Twitter account of the guy responsible for taking the original photo:

It may be tough to tell the difference, but when you open the two images and flip back and forth between them, you can clearly tell that the arms have been enlarged in the second photo.

Regardless, Elijah is still one massive dude that you probably don’t want to f*ck with.

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