Virginia Tech Women’s Lacrosse Team Sings ‘N-Word’ During Song; Coach Calls It A ‘Teachable Moment’ (VIDEO)

The Virginia Tech women’s lacrosse team was fresh off a victory last Saturday over Elon University, so it was celebration time.

The team hopped on a bus and began blasting the song ‘Freaky Friday’ by Lil Dicky, featuring Chris Brown. Everything was all good until Chris Brown came on the song and a team full of Caucasian girls sung along to the part where he says the ‘N-word.’

Head coach John Sung apologized for the team and said the women sang the lyric without malice. He then called it a “teachable moment.”

A Twitter account that shared the video then sent direct messages from a locked account stating they were the original up-loader and wanted the video taken down, because she had no idea the word was in the video.

(Roanoke Times)

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