Deontay Wilder on Killing Somebody: I ‘Want A Body’ On My Record (VIDEO)

Deontay Wilder may not be the most technically sound boxer in the last 20 years, but he’s entertaining, undefeated, and no one has been able to figure him out yet.

When watching Wilder in the ring, you’ll notice that any time he senses he has the upper hand and his opponent is ready to fall, he runs in for the kill immediately, swinging like a mad mad. No one actually thought he was trying to seriously kill someone, though…until now.

The Heavyweight titleholder recently had some very controversial comments on The Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105.1 FM, when he stated he wanted an actual body on his record, as in someone dying from him beating the crap out of them.

“I want a body on my record. I want one. I want one, I really do. That’s the ‘Bronze Bomber,’ he wants one. I always tell people, when I’m in the ring, like I’m the ‘Bronze Bomber.’ Everything about me changes. I don’t get nervous, I don’t get scared, I don’t get butterflies, I don’t have no feelings towards the man I’m gonna fight.”

“I come here for one thing, and that’s to knock you out and go back home. The power that I have, man; it’s easy to be able to do so.”

One of his most vicious knockouts came in a bout against Artur Szpilka in January 2016 where he obliterated Szpilka and he was down for so long that many feared for his life.

“I thought I had one [body] one time, like I said, with Szpilka, because he wasn’t breathing when he hit the canvas,” Wilder said. “Somebody’s gotta go. I want that on my record, because when I’m in that state on mind, like I ain’t myself.”

“My power is so crazy that I don’t even know the [strength] of it,” he said. “I can only imagine me getting into a fight in the street. It’d be crazy. If I’m putting on 10-ounce gloves and hitting guys like I hit Szpilka, when I came here in Brooklyn and fought him, he was dead three to five seconds. Just imagine. That’s what I don’t condone — violence outside the ring. I don’t wanna see it.”

“[My hand] is registered. It’s just like having a pistol for me,” he said. “If I’m at harm, or harm come at me and threaten me, I have the right to defend myself.”

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