FYI, That Photo of a SMILING Villanova Piccolo Girl Photo Is Fake (TWEETS)

Remember the Villanova Piccolo girl? She was the Villanova Pep Band piccolo player who became a meme after television cameras caught her crying during Villanova’s shocking loss to NC State during the 2015 NCAA Tournament.

Well, Villanova Piccolo Girl is back! On Monday night, after the Wildcats throttled the Wolverines of Michigan to claim their second National Championship in three years, the Reddit college football Twitter feed tweeted a new image of the Villanova Piccolo Girl. Only this time she was smiling instead of crying. And pretty soon it was everywhere.

Take a look:






It’s pretty cool to see the Villanova Piccolo Girl meme make a comeback. But before everyone gets all worked up talking about redemption and whatnot, we need to point out to you that this new image is totally fake.

How can you tell? Well for starters, Roxanne Chalifoux—that’s Villanova Piccolo Girl’s actual name—had graduated in 2015. Thus, she is no longer a member of the Villanova Pep Band.

Also, when you actually look closely at the image, you can see that it’s just a different image of Chalifoux’s face pasted over the original meme. The color and brightness of her face does not match the background, nor does it completely cover her hair.

The folks running the RedditCFB Twitter feed just thought the image would make for a funny meme. They did not think so many people would think it was real.


Enjoy your encore, Villanova Piccolo Girl.

Hat Tip – [The Spun]

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