Golfer Tony Finau Dislocates Ankle Celebrating Hole-In-One At Masters, Pops It Back In (VIDEO)

(Image via Getty)

The Par-3 Tournament is supposed to be a time for golfers to take one last moment to enjoy Augusta National before The Masters tournament officially begins. They’re expected to use the opportunity to have fun with family, friends, and fans. And that’s exactly what Tony Finau was doing when he drained a hole-in-one on the seventh hole, but the good times quickly turned into a scary moment for the 28-year-old pro golfer.

After recording the ace, Finau began running toward the hole, but when he turned to run backwards, he appeared to roll his ankle, causing it to pop out of its socket (or so it seemed).

Finau quickly popped the ankle back in, got to his feet, and let the crowd know he was okay. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt his chances at earning a green jacket this weekend.

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