Peewee Hockey Coach Gets Team FIRED UP with EPIC Pep Talk, Cunning Use of Profanity (VIDEO)

If you’re into fiery pep talks and kids screaming profanities, do I have the video for you. It features a peewee hockey coach announcing the starting lineup in the locker room before a game, and it is absolutely fantastic.

We don’t know where it comes from. We don’t know the name of the team or the coach. But we do know that, if this guy is not a motivational speaker, he is wasting his life. Because by the time he’s done, these kids are JACKED UP.

Should any of you aspiring coaches be interested in copying this speech, the format is pretty simple. Coach goes to a player and asks if he’s going to perform a certain task. When that player responds in the affirmative, coach replies with, “GOOD, CAUSE YOU’RE STARTING!” Then everybody roars with approval.

Eventually, everybody gets carried away. Player responses escalate from “Yeah!” to “HELL YEAH!” and eventually “F#%& YEAH!” And by the end coach is dropping f-bombs as well.

Meanwhile, in the background, the poor assistant coach is doing universal gesture for “wrap it up” because the team needs to get the ice.

The whole thing is just pure gold. Take a look:


Who knew adolescent boys responded so well to profanity?

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