For Just $20, You Can Eat Like A King At The Masters Tournament

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Along with paying a mortgage to get yourself into an exclusive sporting event these days, food and drinks is another thing that completely disrespects your wallet and bank account. However, at The Masters, you don’t have to shell out car payments in order to feed yourself, even if you have a family of five.

Check out what $20 can get you at The Masters, via Reddit:

Now, it’s not quite $20, rather $23.50, but still….

Here’s the breakdown of the prices:

  • Two domestic beers ($8)
  • Two egg salad sandwiches ($3)
  • Two pimento cheese sandwiches ($3)
  • Two bags of chips ($3)
  • One bar-b-que sandwich ($3)
  • One ice cream sandwich ($2)
  • One cookie ($1.50)
  • One candy bar (price unknown)

If you needed a comparison, here’s what $23.50 could’ve gotten you at the Super Bowl this past February:

  • One ham and cheese sandwich ($14)
  • One non-alcoholic beer ($9)

Yeah. That one ham and cheese sandwich at the Super Bowl for $14 could get you 4 bar-b-que sandwiches and an ice cream sandwich at The Masters.

If you’re still doubting the prices, here you go….

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