Girl Responds To Donte DiVincenzo’s DM 8 Years After Curving Him Because He’s A Star Now

Donte DiVincenzo

Since going off in the National Title game against the Michigan Wolverines, Donte DiVincenzo can do no wrong—besides those old racist and homophobic tweets, of course.

The Villanova Wildcats star is on top of the world, and whenever that happens to an athlete, women will come crawling out of everywhere to get a piece of you.

Eight years ago, a young Donte slid in the direct messages of a young lady named Jenna because he wanted to get to know her a little better. She clearly curved him with her response back in 2010.

That all changed after he became a star, however, as she decided to hit him back 8 years after the fact.

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Too bad for her because Donte is currently in a relationship now.

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