Genius Dad Tricks Kids Into Exercising by Designing a Rowing Machine-Powered Video Game Console (VIDEO)

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Have you ever noticed that every generation thinks the one that follows it is the worst? It’s true. We’re all terrified of change, and so anything new always seems bad.

That being said, it’s obvious that, in our case, this is all true. Kids these days are definitely the worst!* All they want to do is Snapchat and play video games and take away our guns so they don’t get murdered at school. Ugh!

Oh, and did I mention kids today are all SUPER lazy? Because they are. They’re super lazy. When I was a kid I got up at 4:30 in the morning to milk various animals. Then I walked about a dozen miles to school. Then I came home and climbed trees until it was time to eat, do like 6 or 7 hours of homework, and go to bed. But not today’s kids, oh no. They’re too lazy!

Luckily, a genius dad named Jeremy Fieldings has figured out a way to trick his lazy kids into exercising: he rigged their video game console so that it can only be powered by a rowing machine. Take that you lazy kids!

“But wait,” you say. “How can they play video games while operating a rowing machine?” Here’s the extra genius part: they can’t! If the kids want to play video games, they have to find a friend or sibling willing to take turns playing and rowing. Thus, in addition to making kids exercise, this dad is also forcing his kids to get along with others!

Take a look at this:

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Obviously I’m kidding about today’s kids being the worst. I hope you picked up on that. However, this invention is still totally amazing. They need to give Jeremy Fieldings a Nobel Prize for something right now.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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