RUMOR: LeBron James Will Leave Cavs Due To Dan Gilbert Being A Trump Supporter

It has been no secret that the relationship between LeBron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has been strained ever since LeBron left for South Beach. That move back in 2010 prompted Gilbert to write a scathing letter to the fans of the Cavaliers, all while taking shots at LeBron for leaving to sign with the Miami Heat.

LeBron ultimately returned four years later to deliver that long anticipated Championship he wanted to get for the franchise. Unfortunately, in a few months LeBron will be a free agent once again and rumors have him leaving the franchise once again, but this time it won’t be because the team is not bringing in enough help.

That strained relationship with Gilbert has reportedly gotten even worse and it has everything to do with Dan being a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, which LeBron is not.

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“When the information was given to me, my source said: “The entire NBA knows it. The only people who don’t are the media.”

The No. 1 reason why this is going to happen is because Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is a huge Trump supporter; LeBron is not.”

LeBron has spoken out many times against Trump, most notably when he referred to him as a ‘bum’ after the president called out Stephen Curry personally for not wanting to come visit him at the White House after winning the title.

Yahoo reports that Gilbert’s allegiance to Trump might be overblown as he also met with and donated to Hillary Clinton as well. This is commonly done with wealthy people to have access to the candidate, no matter who wins.

Ultimately, it comes down to what LeBron James thinks, how much money a team can give him, and if they’re set up to win right now to help increase his already stout legacy.

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