14 Confirmed Dead After Bus Carrying Junior Hockey Team Collides With Truck

This is such a devastating story and there are broken families that will be grieving for quite some time as they deal with the sudden loss of their loved one.

The Humboldt Broncos were on their way to a hockey playoff game when tragedy struck. A tractor-trailer collided with the team bus and it was all bad by the time Canadian police arrived to the scene.

28 people were involved in the accident, and 14 have reportedly passed away.

Broncos head coach Darcy Haugan stated her brother was one of the people killed.

CTV has the details:

“The bus was T-boned by a transport truck, according to the president of the Nipawin Hawks, who were scheduled to play the Broncos Friday night.

“It’s a horrible accident, my God,” Hawks president Darren Opp told The Canadian Press. “There’s uncles and moms and dads waiting to hear whether their sons and nephews are OK.

“It’s terrible. It’s absolutely terrible.”

Mounties sent “significant resources” to the scene, RCMP Insp. Ted Munro told media in Regina, and, according to a spokesperson for STARS air ambulance, three emergency helicopters were also sent to the area.

Sending three helicopters is not typical, the spokesperson, Mark Oddan, said.

“It is rather unusual, but this is a very unusual case, and we really wanted to be able to help as best we could with this tragic accident,” he told CTV News Channel.”