Former UFC Fighter Shares Angry DMs He Got from Jon “Bones” Jones (TWEETS)

Former UFC fighter Tyson Griffin started a minor Twitter feud with Jon Jones this week, and it ended with Griffin sharing some angry DMs Jones sent him two years ago.

The current feud started when Griffin took a shot at Jones while tweeting about the Conor McGregor bus attack. Unfortunately the actual tweets back and forth have all been deleted. But we still have the text.

“Well there goes @TheNotoriousMMA lossing [sic] his @BurgerKing deal faster than @JonnyBones lost his @Nike deal!!” Griffin wrote on April 5 in a tweet.

“@TysonGriffin my dream was to be sponsored by Nike as a high school wrestler,” Jones responded on April 7. “Became an adult and made it happen. Even had my own sneaker which sold out within a day.”

Then Jones added, “@TysonGriffin What ever happened with your Nike deal, I don’t remember. I’ll wait…”, which, to be honest, was a pretty good burn. But Griffin didn’t respond immediately. Instead he waited three more days before tweeting this:


And then this:


And finally this:


Here’s a better look at those DMs:

Obviously Jon Jones comes off looking like a greedy egotistical prima donna. Bragging about being worth $8 million is pretty lame considering that’s an average contract for a veteran MLB reliever.

But can you really blame Jones for clapping back at Tyson Griffin? The dude goes out of his way to throw shade at Jones. You don’t have to have an oversized ego to find that annoying.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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