Woman Sues Purdue C Isaac Haas For Lying About Having STD, Now She Has Herpes & Possibly ‘Several Others’

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Former Purdue basketball standout Isaac Haas is in a bit of a pickle right now. He is only 22-years-old and reportedly has already had two sexually transmitted diseases. One curable, and one not curable.

A former partner of his is now crying foul after they had a night of passion, but soon everything would spiral downward after she got herself tested and received the news that she had herpes.

JC Online has the details:

“Alyssa Chambers filed a $1 million civil lawsuit in Tippecanoe Circuit Court Tuesday accusing Haas of lying to her about having a sexually transmitted disease — and subsequently, infecting her.

Chambers and Haas engaged in a brief sexual encounter on May 15, 2017, according to a notice of civil tort filed with the lawsuit. Chambers was found to be infected with herpes two weeks later, according to the filing, which also names Purdue University and Madison Millsaps as defendants in the case.

Haas told Chambers he’d been treated for chlamydia and was clean by the time he and Chambers hooked up, according to the lawsuit filing.

Haas blamed Purdue University Student Health Services, saying he’d been tested, diagnosed, treated and tested again, when they told him he was clean, according to the filing that cited Haas’ text messages with Chambers.

Chambers received a text from another woman, possibly Millsaps, who alleged Haas had infected “a number of other individuals,” according to the exhibits filed with the lawsuit.

Millsaps texted Chambers saying Haas infected her with herpes, and she threatened Haas with a civil suit, according to the filing.”

The 7-2, 290-pound center was a third team All-Big Ten Conference selection and a finalist for the Kareem Abdul Jabbar Award, given to the nation’s top center.

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