Bucks Superfan “NBA Milhouse” Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Sit Courtside at Bucks Playoff Game

Lots of NBA teams have famous superfans. The Knicks have Spike Lee. The Lakers have Jack Nicholson. The Raptors have Drake.

The Milwaukee Bucks? They’re a small market team, so they don’t have anyone famous. But they do have a guy who dresses up like Milhouse from The Simpsons.

Back in October, during a nationally televised game between the Bucks and Celtics in Milwaukee, a guy named Ryan Fox went viral when TNT’s cameras spotted him dressed up as Bart Simpson’s sad sack BFF, complete with blue hair, yellow skin, red glasses, and a copy of Radioactive Man.



After receiving so much positive feedback from his first appearance as Milhouse, Fox is now asking the public to help send NBA Millhouse to the postseason.

Fox launched a GoFunMe campaign on April 8 looking to raise a modest $500 so he can sit courtside, dressed as Milhouse, for one of the Bucks’ upcoming playoff games against the Celtics. At time of writing he’s only raised $60, but you can bet that number will rise as the story starts picking up steam.

Here’s NBA Milhouse explaining his campaign in his own words:

Jiminy jillickers!
The outpouring of love and excitement for Milhouse’s appearance on TNT at the Bucks/Celtics game back in October was incredible. The reaction it got from Simpsons and basketball fans all over the internet was totally unexpected. Everything really did come up Milhouse! It’s April now and the playoffs are here which means only one thing…

Get Thrillhouse courtside for the playoffs!
Playoff tickets are naturally pretty pricey in Springfield. Milhouse could barely afford the splurging he did for the last game so he needs your help to get his yellow ass in a seat next to courtside big wigs like Charles Montgomery Burns and Rainier Wolfcastle. If Milhouse’s appearance brought you laughter and happiness then toss a few bucks Milhouse’s way and let’s see what kind of fun can happen come playoffs start next week.

Otherwise he’ll just have to sit in his mom, Luann’s living room playing Bonestorm and organizing my ALF pogs.

-Milhouse Van Houten

*any proceeds not used towards Milhouse’s playoff run will be donated to an animal welfare charity*

If you’ve got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket and you want to see a grown man dressed as Milhouse sitting courtside at a Bucks-Celtics game next week, tap here and donate to Fox’s GoFundMe campaign.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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