Golden Knights Kick Off First Ever Playoff Game with Most Vegas Pregame Show Ever

Vegas Golden Knights Pregame Show

The Vegas Golden Knights played their first ever playoff game on Wednesday night, and they kicked things off with the kind of pregame pageantry you’d expect from a city that calls itself the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Before the Golden Knights and Los Angeles Kings took the ice at T-Mobile arena, fans were treated to a little theater. A guy in a black cape skated out onto the ice carrying a Kings flag, backed by a bunch of other guys with flags. Then a knight in shining gold armor appeared and challenged the man in black to a sword fight.

Obviously, the Golden Knight won. Take a look:

Needless to say, a lot of hockey fans thought the Golden Knights’ pregame show was pretty lame. And a lot of them got on Twitter to make fun of it.

Naturally, there were quite a few references to Monty Python and Medieval Times:










Of course, before you go off ranting about how this is an abomination you would never see in a real hockey market, let’s take a moment to remember this classic pregame show the Ottawa Senators put on back in 2008:

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Suddenly the Golden Knights’ pregame show almost seems tasteful, doesn’t it?

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