NFL GM Refers To Baker Mayfield As A ‘6-Foot Jerk’

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Baker Mayfield has the type of personality that could excite some NFL executives and upset other NFL executives at the same time.

The former Oklahoma Sooners QB was known for his brash personality and cocky attitude while on the field, but that type of thing doesn’t quite fly in the NFL for some general managers.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently spoke with two unnamed general managers in the league and they both had very different opinions of Baker Mayfield.

A 6-foot jerk? That is a pretty strong opinion. It doesn’t help that people continue to compare Mayfield’s attitude to Johnny Manziel, who is currently fighting to get back in the league right now.

Over the past several weeks, Mayfield’s name has been connected to several teams, as he could possibly go anywhere in the top 10 or 15 in the draft. One thing’s for sure: his confidence or cockiness will never cease.

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