Tristan Thompson Now Believes He Was Set Up By A Gang of Women That Forced Him To Cheat on Khloe Kardashian

Right now, Tristan Thompson is going through a ridiculous amount of emotions. His entire world has been turned upside down, just as the Cavaliers get set to start playing in the NBA playoffs.

It all started 48 hours ago when video surfaced of the Cavs big man allegedly kissing a woman in the club and taking her back to his hotel. Then more video surfaced of his bad behavior, including an allege sex tape and text messages.

On Thursday, the stress must’ve gotten to Khloe Kardashian because she had his child and she wasn’t scheduled to deliver until later this month.

Thompson has clearly been pleading his case to Khloe over the past few days, and he truly believes he was set up by a gang of women that basically forced him to cheat.

“It’s just an emotional rollercoaster. The first reaction was that this was a set-up: that the girl in the club totally threw herself at him, made sure it was caught on tape, tipped off [photographes] to catch her going into the hotel, and then basically made sure they caught her leaving,” a Kardashian family source tells PEOPLE.

According to the source, “everyone wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt: that he was set up, that the girl never even went into his room, that you can’t tell what’s really happening behind that hoodie in the club footage, that the girl leaned in to whisper something but knew her pal was filming and so she made it seem as much as possible like a kiss.”

“Basically, I think it’s what Tristan has been telling her: ‘Babe, you know how groupies are, you know how they try to hang on me and follow me around and this isn’t what it looks like,’ ” says the family insider.”

That’s a pretty solid argument that 0% of women in America would believe. He should’ve just said he slipped on a banana peel and landed pelvis-to-pelvis with the girl.

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