Woman Takes Issue With Humboldt Broncos Getting $9M After Accident; Claims It’s Because They’re All White Males

Welcome to 2018, where a terrible tragedy can be turned into a debate about race at any moment.

Last week, a youth hockey team suffered a terrible tragedy after crashing into a semi that left a total of 15 people deceased, with the last being the Humboldt Broncos athletic therapist Dayna Brons, who passed away from injuries suffered during the wreckage.

As Canadians continued to grieve the tragic bus crash in Saskatchewan, a GoFundMe account was opened and the outpouring of support from people around the world was unbelievable. So far, the account has raised over $9 million to help the affected families with whatever they need to get them through this trying time.

One lady by the name of Nora Loreto replied on Twitter to a Huffington Post article, stating it was ‘a lot of money.’ It was just a normal comment that didn’t raise any eyebrows:


Then her next tweet got cryptic and downright awful as she complained that people were only donating so much because all of the victims involved were White males.


She was destroyed on Twitter: