REPORT: Eric Reid Passed On A One-Year Deal With The San Francisco 49ers

If Eric Reid doesn’t find a team to sign him for the upcoming season, he can never say that his former team didn’t want him back.

The free agent safety has made the news a lot lately after the Cincinnati Bengals blindsided him with talk about what he was going to do regarding his National Anthem stance going forward—because the team was looking to ban protests. That situation would’ve never happened had Reid decided to go back to the 49ers for the upcoming season.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, who was discussing Reid on the NFL Network on Monday, stated he was indeed offered a one-year deal to return to the team, but he elected to turn it down and find something better on the open market.

“There’s been questions about why Reid is unsigned,” Garafolo said. “The anthem stuff plays into it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you there’s 32 teams that are only staying away from Eric Reid because of financials or play on the field. I’m sure that the anthem is a factor for at least some of them, but others have shown interest in signing him or at least talking to him, and I know that the San Francisco 49ers talked to Eric Reid about re-signing him. But early in the process, they wanted to do a one-year deal with him because they’ve got some younger guys or might look to draft a safety, so they couldn’t make a long-term commitment for him. But I’m told he wanted a long-term deal with a significant guarantee and the Niners just weren’t in a position to do that. That’s why he didn’t return to San Francisco, and it’s also why in a market that was a little slim for money on the safeties that he’s had to wait a little bit.”

The protests during the National Anthem to bring attention to police brutality, racism, and social inequality continues to be a topic of discussion and will remain that way until a team decides to sign Colin Kaepernick, who has been a free agent since March 2017.

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