REPORT: Matt Barnes Ex-Wife Stole Money While He Traveled During Season; Forged Signature To Buy House, Club

Looks like Gloria Govan has been doing Matt Barnes dirty way before she decided to date his former teammate.

The former NBA player recently walked away from the game, but while he was traveling with various teams throughout the years, his ex-wife Gloria Govan was reportedly taking money out of his account and putting it into her account without telling him. The deceit didn’t end there, either.

Via The JasmineBrand:

“Matt Barnes’ ex wife, Gloria Govan forged the former NBA star’s signature to buy her parents home and to also lease a night club in Oakland.

He explains that his ex provided bank statements during the divorce which show large amounts of funds deposited into her accounts on various dates. He believes the funds were either secretly diverted from him or earnings during their marriage that she never disclosed to him. He believes that since she omitted the funds, he should be entitled to half of the assets. The documents state.

“On several occasions in the marriage, I found that respondent had diverted funds from me, without my knowledge or consent, such as when I was asleep in preparation for a basketball game, and woke up to find that she emailed my financial advisor at the time, from my email account, instructing him to transfer $50,000.”

Earlier this year, Barnes tried to play nice by wishing her a happy birthday, but it didn’t go over too well when she responded. So he clapped back by mentioning what she did to his money and he’ll be seeing her in court soon.

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