Despite Being Up 11-0, Yankees Fans Still Boo’d Giancarlo Stanton For Popping Up At The Plate

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Yankees fans might be the most brutal fans in Major League Baseball.

It took just one home game for the fan base to boo the hell out of Giancarlo Stanton for striking out five times. At this point, the booing of Stanton has been a regular occurrence from Yanks fans and they were back at it again on Monday.

Facing the Miami Marlins on Monday, Stanton came to the plate in the fifth inning with the bases loaded and no outs, looking to deliver even more of a knockout punch to his former club. Instead, he popped up in foul territory and Yankees fans let him hear about it.

Stanton came to the plate again in the seventh with the Yankees leading 11-0. He struck out and was treated to even more boos that time around.

So far, Stanton has 27 strikeouts in 14 games with his new ball club, with 18 of those k’s coming at home.

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