NHL Linesman Suffers Dislocated Knee Cap, Torn Quad After Brutal Fall (VIDEO)

Steve Barton Injury

The NHL playoffs are unlike any other postseason in sports.  Describing them as grueling would be an understatement. Every player’s will is tested, and in the end only the toughest survive.  No one is safe in the NHL playoffs…

Heck, not even the refs.

During Game 2 between the Washington Capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday, NHL linesman Steve Barton took a nasty spill following a faceoff that forced him to leave the game:


Today, the extent of Barton’s injury was revealed. And it’s not pretty:

There have been some tough injuries suffered less than a week into the 2018 NHL Playoffs, but a dislocated knee cap and a torn quad are by far the worst we’ve seen. You never like to see someone go down with something like that. Not even the guys wearing the zebra stripes.

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