Falling Ice Forces Blue Jays To Postpone Game Just Hours After Bragging About NEVER Postponing Games (VID + TWEETS)

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The Major League Baseball season is only 19 days old, but there have already been 24 postponed game thanks to a freakish blast of wintry weather across the midwest and northeast. The last few days have been particularly bad, with the Cubs, Tigers, Indians, and Twins all forced to postpone multiple games in a row.

Of course, not every team’s schedule is subject to the whims of mother nature. The Toronto Blue Jays haven’t had to cancel a game since 2001 thanks to the retractable roof at the Rogers Centre. And after getting rained out twice over the weekend in Cleveland, the Blue Jays got a little cocky on Twitter, bragging that Monday’s home game against the Royals would definitely be played as scheduled.

Unfortunately for the Blue Jays, Mother Nature was like, “hold my beer.”

Just hours after bragging about their roof on Twitter, a chunk of ice fell off the CN Tower next door and smashed a giant hole in it, forcing Monday’s game between the Jays and Royals to be postponed.





Amazingly, the Blue Jays actually got workers up on top of the dome in freezing rain on Monday afternoon trying to fix the hole in the roof. However, it couldn’t be done in time. The damage was a lot worse up close than it looked in the pictures.

Take a look at this:



Even if the workers had been able to patch the hole on time, the Blue Jays still probably would have had to cancel the game. Falling ice was wreaking havoc on everything in a five-block radius of the 1,815-foot high CN Tower. It would have been way too dangerous to have an additional 30,000 pedestrians walking underneath it.




You gotta love spring.

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