Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo Open To Taking Pay Cut To Shorten Schedule: ‘We Play Too Much’

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

You’d be hard pressed to find any die-hard baseball fans that would want the MLB to change the number of games played during the regular season, but that thought doesn’t extend to at least one prominent player in the league.

Anthony Rizzo thinks it’s time for Major League Baseball to move on from their 162-game schedule and shorten the season. He’s so serious about this that the Chicago Cubs first baseman said he would take less money to make it happen.

“I think we play too much baseball,” Rizzo told ESPN Radio 1000 on Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “Yes, guys are going to take pay cuts. But are we playing this game for the money or do we love this game? I know it’s both, but in the long run it will make everything better.”

Baseball’s schedule has been brought up yet again after an insane amount of games have been postponed due to weather around the country and many of those games have been rescheduled to June. Just this month, Baseball has seen 24 different games postponed.

Rizzo is concerned about teams playing games in April weather and players being forced to risk injury for an insane schedule that can be scaled back a bit to avoid such situations. While he didn’t have a suggestion on how many games should be played, the 28-year-old All-Star did offer somewhat of a solution to MLB’s problem.

“In a perfect world, we’d start the season later and play a few scheduled doubleheaders going into an off day,” he said. “As a fan, you’re going to a baseball game in April, and it’s raining, snowing, and (with) freezing rain. Is it really that much fun? That’s my question.”

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