Rays Fan Ejected For Fan Interference, Sneaks Back Into Game Wearing Different Outfit (VIDEO)

It must be hard being a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays. The franchise has been to the playoffs just four times since coming into the league in 1998, not to mention, they are currently tied for last place in the AL East during this current season.

The fans just want a shot at being thrilled about going to the ballpark and usually that means trying to walk away with a souvenir. One Rays fan got that chance when he caught a ball in the outfield, but got ejected for interfering with the play as he reached over the railing and caught that fly ball.

His day has just begun, but he wasn’t leaving that ballpark after spending his money to watch a terrible product play ball against another terrible product in the Texas Rangers.

That fan somehow made his way back into the game, sporting different attire and sitting quietly and trying not to bring attention to himself. Unfortunately, cameras caught him, but it doesn’t look like security noticed at all.

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