Tristan Thompson Reportedly Asked Khloe Kardashian For A Paternity Test Because She May Have Cheated Too

Oh, how the tables may have turned.

Last week, Tristan Thompson completely embarrassed girlfriend Khloe Kardashian after many pictures, videos, and text messages surfaced and brought his cheating ways into the public eye while she was pregnant with his child.

Well, it seems Khloe might have been doing dirt as well with a former flame and that notion has the Cleveland Cavaliers big man wanting a paternity test, according to Terez Owens.

“You won’t hear this from the Kardashian’s site TMZ, but our close source tells us Tristan Thompson wants a paternity test. Rumors that Khloe was still messing around with NBA player James Harden…they told us the timing ads up. The Kardashian’s always spin things their way with TMZ. Harvey and Kris have been friends since the OJ case…could there be any truth to the rumor?”

The game has completely changed. One wonders what would happen if the Houston Rockets face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals if this rumor is true.

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