Gabrielle Union Tweet to Dwyane Wade Leads to SO MANY Jokes About Butt Eating (Tweets)

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPY)

Warning: this post discusses adult topics that are not appropriate for all audiences.

Back in October, Gabrielle Union made some very interesting comments about sex during a radio interview on Sway’s Universe, and a lot of people on social media took those comments to mean that Dwyane Wade enjoys receiving anilingus.

To be perfectly clear, Gabrial Union, Wade’s wife, did not actually say that Wade likes it when she performs anilingus on him. She merely said that a lot of people do like it but would never admit to it in public. But we all know the internet loves jumping to conclusions, especially when they are as salacious as these. So pretty soon everyone was like, yep, Dwyane Wade likes to get his butt eaten. Which is possible, but not actually what Union said.

Anyway, I bring this up now because of a Tweet Gabrielle Union fired off following Wade’s monster performance in Game 2 of the Miami Heat’s first round playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers. In it, she says, “come on home baby, I got somethin’ for ya,” along with the hashtag #GrownASF.



Naturally, pretty much everybody assumed Union was talking about sex. There’s really no other plausible interpretation. And some of the responses were pretty funny.




However, there were also a LOT of responses from people who just assume that Gabrielle Union was talking about eating D-Wade’s butt.






Twitter has no chill.

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