Tampa Bay Lightning Fan Lawyers Up After Taking Puck to the Face at Playoff Game (PICS)

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A Tampa Bay Lightning fan who was hit in the face by a puck has hired an attorney, according to Tampa’s WTSP 10 News. What she intends to do with that attorney remains unclear.

Sabrina Pattie was at Game 2 of the Lightning’s first round playoff series against the Devils with her husband and two children on Saturday night when she was hit in the face by a flying puck. She and her family were seated at the end of the lower bowl of Amalie Arena, near the edge of the protective netting behind the goal. After being hit, Pattie was taken from the arena to Tampa General Hospital.

Photos of Pattie’s injury were provided to WTSP’s Grady Trimble, and they are not pretty.

Lightning Fan Hit in Face by Puck

Images via WTSP

Pattie’s attorney complained to WTSP earlier this week that the Lightning had not even called to check on his client. However, the team told WTSP that they usually wait until the following business day to check in on injured fans.

That’s obviously a silly policy on the part of the Lightning. They should definitely reach out and offer Sabrina Pattie a luxury box and some autographed swag, just to be nice. However, they are not liable for her injury. At all.

As the team pointed out to WTSP, there’s a warning about danger from flying pucks right on the back of the ticket. According to the University of Denver Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, this disclaimer means neither the team nor the venue is liable when a spectator is injured “during the natural course of a game.”

Hopefully Pattie’s lawyer is either a friend of the family or one of those TV lawyers who say they don’t get paid unless you get paid. Because unless they can prove that some established safety procedure was not followed, these folks won’t get a dime from the Lightning.

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