REPORT: Browns To Consider Taking Two QBs In The 1st Round To Avoid Screwing Up Like Usual

We all know the story of the Cleveland Browns. This franchise has gone 1-31 over the past two seasons, including a win-less season in 2017.

While the team has made some moves this offseason, they still have some work to do during the NFL draft since they hold the first and fourth overall picks. The expectation is that the team will most definitely take a quarterback in the first round.

However, it turns out the franchise does not want to screw this opportunity up and they are seriously considering taking two quarterbacks in the first round.

“While it may seem extreme, the benefits of taking two top quarterback prospects are actually pretty clear: In a city where the hit rate at that position has been zero percent, you essentially double your chances at acquiring a successful player at the most important position in sports. The people I spoke with, however, were quick to outline the downsides — not enough practice reps to develop two quarterbacks and the inability to trade a rookie midseason because of a clause in the CBA. One person I spoke with mentioned how many unintended consequences you’d face if you upended the draft in such a way (specifically in the far-fetched scenario in which they took two passers in the top four), but that he’d still thought about it plenty.”

This might seem unprecedented, but it has happened before as the 1989 Dallas Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman and Steve Walsh in the first round. Aikman went on to win three Super Bowls and get into the hall of fame, while Walsh was later traded.

As we know, nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to the NFL draft, and the team just might throw caution to the wind and draft Saquon Barkley with the #1 overall pick.

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