REPORT: Michael Bennett Would Read During Seahawks’ Meetings To Ignore Pete Carroll

Earlier this year, Michael Bennett told Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune that he ‘probably wouldn’t be back next year’ following a season-ending loss to the Cardinals. “Just seems like it’s a young man’s game. I can see them going younger, with younger players. That’s part of the game.”

Bennett had likely seen the writing on the wall, but during the 2017 season, he didn’t help his cause by completely disrespecting head coach Pete Carroll.

The now-Philadelphia Eagles defensive end told Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop that “he’d read books during team meetings last year because he’d already heard whatever Pete Carroll was saying,” via ESPN’s Brady Henderson.

Not something a veteran player should be doing in the presence of younger players. There’s a certain level of respect that should be given to the head coach, and reading a book while he’s talking sets a bad example for everyone.

Former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman stated in the days following his release from the team that veterans on the team had “kind of heard every story, every funny anecdote” from Carroll, and it made it that much easier for the Vets to tune him out on many occasions.

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