Tristan Thompson Asked IG Model To Take Plan B Pill Because His Pull-Out Game Was Weak During Sexual Encounter

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This has to be the most frustrating time for Tristan Thompson.

Not only is he not getting any playing time in the playoffs so far through two games, but he can’t publicly talk or dispute any stories that are coming out so he doesn’t bring anymore distractions to the team that he has already done.

While the Cleveland Cavaliers big man is riding the bench, one of his side chicks is spilling all the tea to whomever will listen and showing videos to prove she is not lying.

“In Touch has obtained a video showing that the devastating situation is even worse than Khloé knows. An insider reveals the shocking details from Tristan’s hookups with a curvy stunner last November and again in February.

Tristan hit on the woman at an NYC club following a November game against the New York Knicks. And while the woman — who the source says is a big fan of the Kardashians — “knew that he was with Khloé,” Tristan didn’t mention his pregnant girlfriend when he brought her back to the Four Seasons in an SUV. He got out first and had her circle the block a few times before coming up to his room, where they had unprotected sex.

“She slept with him because he’s an NBA star, but she thinks he’s hot, too,” the insider says. “She said that the sex was good.” So good, the woman stayed the night and took a short video of Tristan — identifiable by his distinctive chest tattoos — asleep in bed afterward, which the source shared exclusively with In Touch.

“He was definitely not careful at all about making sure that nobody knew who she was or that she didn’t have her phone,” adds the source. In the video, two phones are visible on the nightstand. The source says they’re both Tristan’s, adding, “It’s so sketchy.”

In the morning, they swapped numbers for a potential round two. And the woman heard from Tristan right away — but he wasn’t looking for another hookup. He wanted to make sure she didn’t get pregnant! “He texted her, ‘Do you have Plan B?’” says the source, referencing the so-called morning-after pill.

Three months passed before they hooked up again. Out of the blue, Tristan texted the woman and invited her to see his team play in another city in February. “He paid for her flight,” says the source. “And she slept over again.”

Thompson just might be having yet another child from a random woman he met inside of a club while Khloe was pregnant with his current child.

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