Matt Barnes Reveals He Had His Best Games in The NBA After He Had Just Smoked Weed

Today is special day across the world as people indulge in their favorite collection of sticky icky to celebrate 4/20. It may not be talked about as much with pro athletes because of the repercussions that will follow, but everyone knows that the majority of players blaze up a few…hundreds times during the season.

Matt Barnes was one of the players.

The recently retired and often controversial player revealed to Bleacher Report that his best games in the league always came after he smoked some weed hours before.

“During his 15-year NBA career, Matt Barnes developed a reliable game day routine. First there was the morning shoot-around. Then he’d go home for a rest, where he’d do what so many NBA players do during those long afternoons: nap, shower, eat a meal.

But before all that, he’d smoke a joint.

“It wasn’t every single game, but in 15  years, it was a lot,” Barnes told Bleacher Report in a roundtable discussion about marijuana use in sports published this week.

Any best games?

“All my best games I was medicated,” Barnes said.”

Barnes was hardly the only one who blazed up before games as former NBA player Kenyon Martin told Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post that marijuana helped him fight through an injury and have one of his best games.

“We were playing in Indiana one day, I wasn’t feeling well, I had a hamstring or a hip [injury] or something,” said Martin, a former NBA all-star. “So I smoked. I wasn’t going to play originally. So we got to the arena, I was like ‘I feel good.’ I went and told the trainer I’m gonna go today. I went out there and had a great game.”

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