NFL Reminds Players That The Drug Testing Period Begins On 4/20

The league office clearly has sense of humor.

4/20 around the world is widely known as the time to celebrate marijuana as many people plan on getting their sticky icky and blazing up. Unfortunately for NFL players, they will have to proceed with caution because the league made sure to remind that drug testing begins on 4/20 and runs through August 9th.

This date is significant for more than just being 4/20 as Pro Football Talk explains it fairly well here:

“For players not already in the drug-testing program, it means that the once-per-year substance-abuse test can happen at any point between now and early August. Which means that, if/when a player not in the drug-testing program passes the annual substance-abuse test, he can use recreational drugs like marijuana without consequence until next year. As long as, of course, he isn’t arrested for marijuana possession in a state where it’s illegal or a bag of weed doesn’t fall out of his coat pocket while visiting the league office.

Given the amount of time necessary for marijuana metabolites to exit the system (it can take as long as 30 days) it may be too late to stop smoking yesterday. For those who stopped in time to produce a clean sample, they’ll be hoping to get their number pulled sooner than later, so that they can resume doing what is now legal in nine states for recreational purposes and 29 states for medicinal purposes.”

That explanation perfectly links up with Martellus Bennett’s claims that 89% of players in the league smoke weed regularly.

As we indulge in this festive day, we look back a few years ago when Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell received a drug test on 4/20.

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