Gronk Says He Has More Important Things Than Patriots’ Workouts Like His “Dirt Biking Skills” (VIDEO)

Ever since Rob Gronkowski flirted with the idea that he might not return to the field in 2018 and retire, he has been under a microscope the entire offseason. The latest controversy is his willingness to not attend Patriots offseason workouts in which he was viewed hanging out with a Sports Illustrated model instead.

He doubled down on not attending Pats’ workouts once again when he was at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, but not to workout, but for a Supercross Foxboro event.

When asked what he’s been up to recently, he answered, “I’ve been training for this dirt biking.” He was then asked if he would be attending Patriots’ voluntary workouts.

“No,” Gronkowski answered. “I’ve got dirt biking skills to work on.”

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