It Sure Looks Like Ezekiel Elliott Put On Some Pounds During The Offseason (PICS)

Image via Getty

For teams that didn’t qualify for the postseason, the offseason for the NFL is a LONG one and you have a ridiculous amount of times to do whatever you want before the next season begins.

One thing Dallas Cowboys fans want to hear right now is that a star player is not keeping himself in shape after the team shocked them already by releasing star WR Dez Bryant. Bad news is not welcome right now.

Well, that’s too bad.

Star RB Ezekiel Elliott recently took some photos with some fans and the all-pro rusher looked as if he had put on some weight.

To be fair, the jeans are super Instagram model tight and the shirt is baggy, so you can’t really get a grasp of how much weight he could’ve put on, but I’m sure with offseason programs, he’ll be in tip top shape in no time to help the Dallas Cowboys to a 7-9 record in 2018.

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