Bartolo Colon Outrunning The Speedster Dee Gordon Is Even BETTER With Titanic Music (VIDEO)

Bartolo Colon has shown over the course of his 50-year career that he can do some amazing things. Breaking into the league back in 1947(Not really), Colon is still going strong at age 44 and he added one more highlight to his already crazy highlight reel.

On Saturday, the Texas Rangers were taking on the Seattle Mariners when a foot race broke out. In the top of the 5th inning, Mariners speedster Dee Gordon hit a chopper towards first base that called for Colon to spring over to make the play.

So, Gordon won easily, right? WRONG!

Colon smoked him as he just got in there to record the out.

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That moment was made so much better when it got set to the theme of Titanic:

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