Jay Feely Reveals Why He’s Holding a Gun In Daughter’s Prom Photo (TWEETS)

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Jay Feely last played in the league in 2014, but he has never had his name in the news this much when he actually suited up every year.

A few days ago, Feely was set to send his daughter off to prom with her date, but not before they took a picture. In that picture, Feely stood in-between the couple while holding a gun at his side.

Everything went downhill from there as social media came for his neck as to why he would pull a staunt like this on a kid that wasn’t his child.

He later took to Twitter once again and explained that it was all meant as a joke:

This is a moment that has been recreated hundreds of times over the years and a quick google search can prove it, but it’s 2018 and things that were once okay back in the day are no longer that way as many tend to be offended by pretty much everything.

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