Kevin Durant “Likes” Comment Criticizing Russell Westbrook (TWEET)

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

For over a year now, fans have been referring to Kevin Durant as a snake for the way he left the OKC Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors after he eliminated his team the month prior.

KD sure is living up to that nickname, especially after the Warriors star was seen on Instagram ‘liking’ a very curious comment.

There was a post on how Giannis was talking about how he wanted to spend his whole career with the Milwaukee Bucks as long as management is committed to building a championship contender. Then, below that was a quote from Durant who stated Giannis should ‘play for himself’ and not worry about outside noise.

Well, an argument between fans prompted KD to ‘like’ a comment that criticized Russell Westbrook during Durant’s time in OKC.

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