Hot Mic Catches Blue Jackets Fan Yelling NSFW Profanities at Ref (VIDEO)

(Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

The Washington Capitals lost the first two games of their first round playoff series against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and everybody immediately started talking about yet another disappointing postseason for Alexander Ovechkin and company.

However, this time the Caps didn’t collapse. After rattling off three straight wins against the Blue Jackets last week, they completed the comeback with a 6-3 shellacking in Columbus on Monday.

Naturally, Blue Jackets fans were not very happy with Monday’s proceedings. And there was at least one of them who thought the officiating was to blame.

Luckily, a hot mic caught that guy giving the referees a piece of his mind.

Have a listen:


I’m pretty sure you want the referees to put on their glasses if you think they’re not doing their jobs very well. But anger isn’t the most clear-headed of emotions. And in any case, we get the idea. Refs bad, screw over Blue Jackets.

The good news is that, with his team eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Ohio State football still months away, our angry Blue Jackets fan can focus on more relaxing spring and summer hobbies, like golf, or fishing.

Hat Tip – [Busted Coverage]

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