Judge Asks Suge Knight To Give His NBA Finals Pick During Court Appearance For Murder Case

This is almost too unbelievable to be true.

Suge Knight has been incarcerated for awhile, as he currently awaits trial on murder charges stemming from a 2015 hit-and-run incident. The former CEO of Death Row Records was in court on Monday, so the judge in the case could set a new trial date after it was postponed.

Everything was proceeding as normal, until the judge unexpectedly needed to know some inside info about the NBA from Mr. Knight.

From the Los Angeles Times account of hearing:

“A few minutes later, during a separate hearing in the criminal threats proceeding, another judge asked Knight to return to his courtroom in May. The judge then turned to Knight, asking who he thought would win the NBA playoffs.

“At this time…” Knight said, before the judge cut him off, saying he wanted a once-and-for-all answer.

“Houston,” Knight responded.

“Alright, Houston. Good pick,” the judge said.

Knight smiled.

Judging by the 50-point third quarter the Rockets put up on Monday night against Minnesota, that’s seems like a great pick, but not quite the best time to ask a question like that while setting a date for a murder case.

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