UFC’s Derrick Lewis Says He Can’t Wait To ‘Knock Out Wife Beater’ Greg Hardy (VIDEO)

Derrick Lewis is not a man who respects a guy who puts his hands on women.

Ultimate Fighting Championship hopeful Greg Hardy is a man who has put his hands on a woman and now has at least one current fighter on the roster gunning for him. The former Dallas Cowboys DE will have his shot to break into the UFC as he is slated to appear on the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series and fight against Brandon Sayles on June 12th.

If he does get a contract, Derrick Lewis plans on turning the tables on Hardy and beat him like he did his spouse.

“He’s a wife beater, I’d like to get in there with him,” Lewis told TMZ Sports. “I like knocking wife beaters out. I’ll fight Greg Hardy. It’ll be like vice versa him beating on a woman. I’ll be beating him like he was a woman.”

”I grew up watching my mom and my stepdad fight just about every single damn day,” Lewis said in the days after signing a contract to fight Francis Ngannou. “Fist fighting every day for stupid stuff. I don’t tolerate stuff like that at all.”

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