Comment Section From a 2007 Article About Aaron Rodgers/Randy Moss Trade Is Hilarious (PICS)

Once upon a time, there was a period in the NFL where not many fans thought much of Aaron Rodgers, other than the fact that he was drafted to be Brett Favre’s back-up until he retired in 2025.

Around 2007, Brett Favre reportedly wanted help at the wide receiver position and asked the front office to deal Rodgers to the Oakland Raiders to secure Randy Moss.

Via is reporting of a rumored trade that would send Oakland Raiders receiver Randy Moss to the Green Bay Packers for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Apparently trade talks between the Raiders and Packers for Moss are back on again. This rumor has the Raiders asking for a first rounder for Moss and the Packers countering with Aaron Rodgers.

As luck would have it, the trade never manifested, Randy was traded to New England for a 4th round pick, and a perfect season almost happened.

The best part of the entire article is the fans who commented their horrible opinions about how valuable Rodgers was.

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