Miami Heat Reporter BLASTED For Offensive Tweet About Philadelphia 76ers Fans (TWEETS)

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Twitter is a double edged sword for journalists. While it enables them to share valuable information with the public in real time, it also allows them to make terrible mistakes in real time.

Just ask Jason Lieser.

Lieser covers the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach Post. During Game 5 between the Heat and 76ers in Philadelphia on Monday night, Lieser published a very ill-advised tweet about Sixers fans.

“I don’t know why they’re making such a big deal about Meek Mill tonight,” Lieser wrote. “Half this arena just got out of jail.”

Heat Reporter Jason Lieser Controversial Meek Mill Tweet

Now, you could read this as an indictment of Philadelphia sports fans, who are notoriously crude. If it were a Philadelphia Phillies game, that’s probably how it would have been interpreted.

But it wasn’t a Phillies game. It was a Sixers game. And a large percentage of fans in attendance were African-American. Which made Lieser’s tweet seem pretty racist.

To his credit, Lieser immediately deleted the tweet and apologized.



Unfortunately, by the time Lieser tweeted his apology, the damage was already done. Lots of Twitter were accusing him a being a racist and calling for his job.









The lesson here? If you’re making an edgy joke on Twitter, always get a second opinion before you hit “Tweet.”

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