Titans Lineman Uses DEAD CATFISH as BEER LUGE at Predators Playoff Game (Video)

Titans lineman Taylor Lewan Uses Catfish as Beer Luge Predators Playoff Game

Last year Marcus Mariota and his Tennessee Titans linemen were the Nashville Predators’ biggest fans during their run to the Stanley Cup Finals. Prior to Preds home games, they’d whip the crowd at Bridgestone Arena into a frenzy by chugging beers and flinging the ceremonial catfish onto the ice.

This year, apparently, they’ve decided to take things to another level.

Prior to Game 2 between the Predators and the Winnipeg Jets on Sunday night, Mariota and company stepped into the spotlight to do their usual pre-game pumping up. Only this time, offensive tackle Taylor Lewan decided chugging beers and throwing catfish wasn’t good enough.

Lewan was one of the most enthusiastic Predators supporters last year. On Sunday, with the help of his teammates, he used a giant dead catfish as a beer luge.

And no, I’m not exaggerating. Lewan didn’t stick a beer can into the dead catfish’s mouth, or something like that. His teammates actually poured beer down the dead catfish, and Lewan stood underneath and drank as much of it as he could.

Take a look:


The Predators went on to win the game in double overtime and even the series 1-1, in case you were wondering. So I guess the catfish beer luge worked?

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