Sports Reporter Attacks Fan After Being Groped on Live TV (VIDEO)

For years, soccer fans have always been known to be the rowdiest in the entire world and it doesn’t matter what country their from when it comes to bad behavior.

That display of bad behavior was evident when Maria Fernanda Mora was forced to attack a rowdy fan live on air after he acted inappropriately. The Fox Sports Mexico journalist was in the midst of doing her job outside the Guadalajara stadium after the local team had just beaten Toronto, but when a bunch of rowdy locals came jumping behind her, she suddenly hit the biggest one for allegedly touching her inappropriately live on air.

“But one fan took his celebrations too far, with Mora claiming he touched her inappropriately while everyone was jumping around – leading her to turn around and thwack him with her microphone, much to the football fan’s surprise.

In a statement on Twitter, Mora said that she didn’t regret her reaction ‘at all’, adding that women ‘will not be quiet’ about sexual harassment.”

The statement, addressing the incident on 26 April, said: “What happened to me early last Thursday happens to thousands of women every day in countless public spaces.

“The difference is that it happened to me during a live link television and I decided to defend myself.

“My reaction is what turned the fact into something viral.”

She continued: “I thought, ‘It could be an accidental rubbing because of people’s pushing,’ and I kept talking to the camera.

“This guy, emboldened because I did not react and kept doing my job, put his hand between my buttocks twice more. I decided to defend myself.”

Mora added: “I do not regret at all in my way of acting before his attack because I had previously suffered harassment in the performance of my journalistic work.

“I defended myself because women are NOT GOING TO LEAVE AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP.”

Here’s that video:

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