High School Sports Reporters Banned For Sending Inappropriate Messages To Underage Athletes (PICS)

Jeff and Zach Edginton (Photo via Facebook)

Two Arizona high school sports reporters have been banned from covering any future events over allegations they sent inappropriate messages to the athletes they were covering.

Twin brothers Jeff and Zach Edginton, 31, were credentialed as freelance reporters for a scorekeeping app called “ScoreStream.” They have been accused of sending inappropriate messages to high school athletes. In these messages they asked questions about students’ love lives, solicited semi-nude photos from female athletes, and commented on their bodies and/or appearance.

Another high school sports reporter first broke this story. Last week Ralph Amsden, who writes for ArizonaVarsity.com, encouraged student athletes to speak out if they received any inappropriate messages from Jeff or Zach Edginton. He was quickly inundated with messages from students who had all sorts of things to tell him a out the Edginton brothers.











Thanks to Amsden, the Arizona Interscholastic Association has now banned the Edginton brothers from all high school sporting events.


Speaking to 12 News Phoenix, Zach Edginton said, “I do not think that my twin brother or I have done anything inappropriate.”

Somebody needs to buy this douchebag a dictionary so he can look up what “inappropriate” means.

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